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Exciting work and a commitment to flawless service is the driving force behind Celebrity Spa & Salon. Our experts take pride in elevating the art of haircare and spa treatments, which inspires us to maintain a relaxing space where we can deliver beneficial and innovative services to the College Station community. Our love for working together as a team, paired with our high-standards for continuing education, ensures each guest enjoys effortless perfection. We invite you to immerse yourself in Celebrity Spa & Salon experience.

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Kérastase is the epitome of science embracing beauty. High tech formulas and advanced research blend together with powerful active ingredients and sensational textures to bring you a collection of hair care products that can only be described as luxurious.

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No matter what you’re looking to achieve, we have the Redken products and the knowledge you need to get started. Redken’s high-performing products are designed to address the full spectrum of hair concerns including fine and thinning hair, hair breakage, curly and wavy hair and color treated hair.

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Pureology leads the way in creating products made with purity and good health in mind. They know that from the moment hair is exposed to color, it becomes more vulnerable to damage, and Pureology is here to protect and help restore what color-treated hair needs most!

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